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Green Products & Eco-Labels

The marketplace is full of green product claims and eco-labels, but knowing if a claim or label is reliable can be a challenge. Is an environmental claim based on sound science or clever marketing? If you ask a dozen people, you will probably get a dozen different answers.

So how do you know? A valid environmental product claim is comprised of three basic requirements: a clear provable statement, reproducible scientific evidence confirming the statement, and validation of the claim by a credible party -- preferably an independent third party.

Knowing what makes a suitable green claim is only half of the battle. The other half is wading through a flood of information to identify which claims meet your sustainability criteria. This is something most people do not have time for. was developed to provide quick, credible information about green products, eco-labels and certification organizations.

Our team has filtered through the ether of technical documentation and green-washed labels to develop a comprehensive collection of sustainability-oriented product certifications, validations and declarations, as well as green building programs and certification organizations. We have also developed a Green Product Guide that identifies over a thousand products with sustainable claims and attributes that have been validated by at least one of the industry's most reputable certification organizations.

Our goal is to provide clarity and confidence to the green product marketplace so you can be certain that the products you buy (or specify) live up to your environmental and sustainability expectations.

Green Product Guide

Our team has compiled an extensive array of green products that have been validated by the most reputable certification organizations. Our efforts enable you to easily search for products that meet your sustainability standards.

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Certification Bodies

We are fortunate to have a variety of certification organizations that support the sustainability market. Many organizations have deep roots in product certifications while others have blossomed with the sustainability movement.

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Sustainability Blog

See what everyone is talking about. Our team discusses new ideas and shares advice on a broad range of green living and sustainability topics. The Proven Sustainable Blog gives you a "PS" worth reading.

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